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Saturday, March 19, 2011

Portulacca Moss Japanese Rose Pokok Lipan Kembang Pukul 10

The easiest that everyone can grow...I used to propose the mommies to let their kid use portulacca as part of their kid's starter kit when it comes to gardening.

All you need is potting mix, organic feretilizer and frequent trimming to keep it green and in blooming mode.Love these beauties

Note: the double one can last till mid day but the single can last till evening.


  1. cantik.. suka lawat blog bunga

  2. bunga ini ada tak di nurseri? jika ada boleh saya tahu harga untuk sepokok berapa..

  3. Ya.. saya pun berminat nak tahu harga pokok ini berapa sepokok. Klu bleh pos. ..